Week 8 – 2 wins and a draw

On Monday our heavily out graded 3rd team had a fantastic 3 – 2 win over WB 1. Keith beat Tim Walker who is graded 53 points higher! Peter GM beat Will Atiomo after Will turned down a couple of draw offers only to allow his time to run out. Brian drew with Brian Thompson who is graded 34 points higher. Gary drew with Chris Budd. The only loss was by John H, to Robert Richmond. Division 2 looks wide open.

Last night our 1st team beat last season’s champions Mansfield 1 3.5 – 1.5. Solid performances by Mike B, Tom & Pete M resulted in draws against Jon Tait, Jim Burnett & Peter Ackley. Mike N slowly maneuvered into a better position against Kev Simpson who then played an exchange sacrifice and then immediately dropped a piece. Florian’s game v Ken Morrison looked as if it was going nowhere but then Florian won a piece. The 10 second increments gave Florian the time to win the endgame.

Some people are still uncomfortable about increments, as can be seen by the number of teams deciding to stick with the ‘all moves in…” time control, but increments reward good play by enabling players to convert winning positions into full points rather than having to agree a draw. Some people also worry that increments will result in games going on too long but the opposite is true. With a time control of 80’ + 10″, a 30 move game will last a maximum of 2 hours 50 minutes and a 60 move game will last a maximum of 3 hours. The vast majority of games finish well before 60 moves have been played. A 90 move game will last a maximum of 3 hours 10 minutes but hardly any games last that long.

Our 5th team drew with University 3. Derek lost material early on but his opponent allowed him to get back into the game and eventually a draw was agreed, possibly prematurely, when Derek had a rook v a knight + 3 pawns. Graham, an exchange up,  missed a winning move but then did find a good move which resulted in him having a Q + 6 pawns v R, B & 2 pawns but very short of time, and they agreed a draw. With increments  Graham probably would have won, although knowing Graham…. Ronnie won fairly quickly but Ken lost fairly quickly.

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