Week 10 Summary

A win and two draws this week.

Our 1st team beat Newark 1 4-1. There were good wins by Mike B & John S over Murray Smith & Andy George. The other 3 games were affected by players getting themselves into time trouble. Pete lost to Zoltan Tardi after running low on time. Graeme beat Alex Combie after Alex got into time trouble. Florian won on time against David Coates.

Our 3rd team drew with Central 1. There were 3 draws between Brian, Keith & Gary and Andy Sutton, Pat Allen & Terry Lavelle. Peter GM began brightly against Mark Radford but allowed Mark to develop a strong attack which Mark finished very smartly. John H looked to be in a fairly dull drawn position against Mark Darlington but John posed questions as Mark’s time went down, and eventually broke through, winning material.

Our 5th team also drew, against Grantham 4. Ronnie drew fairly quickly with Alan Nelder. Ken found himself a couple of pawns down in a R+pawns endgame and couldn’t prevent Chris Cumbers from winning. Thomas had a fortunate moment when John Pocock missed a chance to win a piece but after that he played nicely to win. Graham was a pawn down in a R+pawns end game against Richard Frankland but managed to draw.

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