Unbeaten Records

Following on from an article on Ashfield’s site about Grantham 1 possibly winning all their matches this season, this was last achieved in 1987-88 when West Brigford 1 won all 15 matches having won all 16 the previous season.

Gambit 1 won all their matches in three successive seasons from 1975-76 to 1977-78. In each of the two seasons either side they lost no matches and just drew 1, having already achieved that in 1972-73.

In 1973-74 season West Brigford 1 had a 14-1-0 record and they repeated this in 1982-83. Since 1987-88, the closest anyone has come is 1999-00 when West Bridgford 1 got 16-2-0.

In total, 29 teams have gone unbeaten all season in all divisions since 1969 but, apart from those mentioned above, only 3 have won all their matches: British Celanese won div 2 in 69 with 12-0-0, Whitwell won div 3 in 72 with 10-0-0, and Nomads VI won div 6 in 80 with 11-0-0.

13 teams have lost every match in a single season, although only one team has ‘achieved’ that in div 1 with Long Eaton losing all 13 matches in 1981-82.

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