Stunning victory for Gambit 3 as Gambit 2 stumble

Last week Gambit 3, with just 2 points from 5 matches, traveled to Newark to face Newark 1’s strongest lineup, being out graded on average 18 points per board, and hammered them 3.5 – 1.5! Hamzah Ali, out graded by 28 points, beat Alex Combie. John Huthwaite, out graded by 31 points, beat Andrew George. Onos Kofi-Ofuafor, out graded by 17 points, beat Graham Ladds. This stunning victory surpasses Gambit 2’s impressive defeat of Newark 1 earlier this season.¬†Well done Gambit 3!

This week Gambit 2 had an important match against the ‘super kids’ team WN 3 knowing that a victory would send them 4 points clear of WN 3 and well placed for a promotion push in 2016. However the ‘super kids’ lived up to their name and beat Gambit 2 by 3.5 – 1.5. Adam Bennett got the ball rolling by invading Richard’s Edwards’ position after an inaccurate move by Richard. Hambel gained a solid draw against John Tassi. Aditya Munshi punished a sloppy move by Michael Naylor, winning an exchange. Mike sacrificed a knight in an attempt to recover but Aditya saw through his cheap gimmick. Anita Somton gained a draw against Drag Sudar, who missed a winning move in a K and pawns endgame. Meanwhile Michael Barnes had fought back after going two pawns down to Jonah Willow and was trying to find a win, but on hearing Anita and Drag draw, also agreed a draw. WN 3 move above Gambit 2 into 2nd place thanks to a better ‘goal difference’.

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