Stephen Foster 1953-2016

Gambit has been saddened by the news of Steve’s death on 11 December.

Steve was a very good friend of several Gambit members with some friendships going back 40 years to when he played for Raleigh chess club.

Steve left Nottingham in the early 80s to gain a 1st class honours degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics. He worked for almost 20 years at the top government research establishment in Great Malvern, and became a chartered physicist in 1999.

During his time in Malvern he played in the Worcester, Dudley and Birmingham leagues and in many congresses.

On his return to Nottingham in 2008 he joined Central chess club and soon became their 1st team captain. He readily bought into Central’s philosophy of being a social club that happened to play chess. Whenever he faced his long time friend John Tassi over the board in Central 1 – Gambit 2 matches, a quick draw would be followed by an even quicker retirement to the bar.

He was also a great supporter of CWANG, which began as a friendly between Bunkers (now Central), Ashfield and Gambit in 2005. He took part in every one since 2008 and, as his 4-12-16 record shows, he rightly regarded it as a fun social event rather than a competition.

It will be very strange going to U160 away matches without him. After the matches, win, draw or lose, Steve, John Tassi, Mark Radford and I would find ourselves a suitable hostelry in which to perform post match ‘analysis’, without the ‘analysis’.

He will be greatly missed, both as a chess colleague and as a friend.

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