Robert Richmond 1956 – 2020

We start 2020 with the very sad news that Robert Richmond has died unexpectedly.

Robert was an invaluable member of our chess community. He was our President 2010-13, Treasurer 2005-10, League Secretary 2007-09, Congress Director 2006-19, County Championship Controller 2008-19, ECF rep 2006-19, MCCU rep 2005-06 & 2007-19, and a member of the Finance Committee / Executive Committee from 2005-19. He was also the BCF/ECF Finance Director 2003-08.

The above information was taken from ‘The Presidents’ document in the ‘History’ section of the NCA website, a section Robert spent many days and weeks last year creating for our benefit.

In addition, although not a member of the LMC, he compiled the league fixtures every season from 2013-14. As someone who struggled compiling the fixtures during my periods as LS, I was very impressed with the quality of his fixture lists over the past few seasons.

Robert’s sense of humour comes through in his comments in ‘Time Limits 1970-2018 A Chronology’ in the NCA ‘History’ section, and in the start of his report about the MCCU 2016-17 AGM :- “Meeting opened at 2pm. Nothing happened. Meeting closed at 3.18pm”.

One little know fact about Robert is that he had earned the FIDE Master title some years ago in a tournament but an admin oversight meant he wasn’t awarded it until last year. Typically, probably feeling he hadn’t deserved it, he asked that the title be removed.

Gambit chess club would like to offer its condolences to his brother Alan and to all his club mates at West Bridgford. His death has left a huge gap in our association.

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