Relentless Grantham Charge Towards Title

Grantham 1 beat their nearest rivals, a weakened Gambit 1, 3.5 – 1.5 to open up a gap at the top of the table with a perfect 6 wins out of 6. The match began badly when Drag misplayed the opening against Stuart Williams and let his queen get trapped. Mike B cancelled that out with an easy win over Nigel after winning two pawns and an exchange. John S defended a potential k-side breakthrough by Peter Cusick and they settled for a draw. Mike N was initially level but after the position opened up Steve Prior gained a powerful passed pawn and his better coordinated pieces told in the end. This left Pete needing to win and, even though a pawn down, he rejected an opportunity to force Paul Cumbers to play perpetual checks to avoid being mated, but eventually lost on time with Paul’s flag also hanging.

Much better news for our 3rd & 5th teams who had very comfortable wins against their corresponding WB opposition. Our 3rd team beat WB 3 4 – 1. John H, Peter GM, Keith & Gary all won with only Brian losing. It looks as if they will be involved in a 4 way battle for promotion against Beeston, WB 2 and RB 1. Our 5th team beat WB 5 4 -0 with wins for Ronnie, Thomas. Maggie & Ken. Ronnie beat Jose Serrano who is about 30 points higher, while the rest beat inexperienced juniors.

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