Nottingham Rapidplay 23rd June

7 Gambiters played at the rapidplay. Results:
In the Open section Tim Kendall (144) scored 2/6.
In the Major section Rob Ensor (146) scored 4/6, beating eventual winner Janos ‘The Master’ Wagenbach in round 5. Drag Sudar (141) scored 3/6 and won a third share of the u145 grading prize. Mick Harper (152) scored 1.5 points.
In the Intermediate section Graham Gibson (121) scored 4/6. Derek Padvis (115 sp) & Andrew Thompson (102 sp) both scored 3/6 and each won a third share of the u120 grading prize.
John Swain & Mike Barnes helped control the event together with Congress Director Robert Richmond and Chief Ariber & newly appointed MCCU vice-president (an honour well deserved) Neil Graham.


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