Nottingham Rapidplay 2022

A record 151 entrants; normally this event attracts about 125. John Swain was one of the organisers and Mike Naylor helped on the control team on the day.

Scores (* = player’s 1st ever ECF rated weekend event):

Open: Pete 4
Inter: Leo* 3, Graham 2.5, Adam* 2
Minor: Marian* 4, Freddie* 4, Ronnie 2.5
Improvers: Kieran* 4, James* 2

Our star performer was Pete who had a fantastic day, winning 4 and losing only to GM Mark Hebden in the final round (had Pete won, he would have have been joint 1st), and to IM Gediminas Sarakauskas in round 1. Gediminas was the joint winner with WB’s Shabir Okhai. Amongst Pete’s victims were Mansfield’s Jim Burnett (2140) and Ankush Khandelwal, who is currently unrated but was a 2350 standard player when he played regularly less than a decade ago.

The only clash between our members was Freddie v Ronnie which Freddie won. Considering this was their 1st ever Rapidplay, our new members did pretty well overall, with 3 of them getting at least 50%. Freddie went into the final round on 4 points but narrowly missed out on winning prize money. After losing in round 1 Leo won 3 on the trot but was unable to win either of his final two games. Adam began well with two wins, then hit ‘the wall’ against some very experienced players. Marian never threatened the leaders but played consistently throughout, as did Kieran. James’ day didn’t go quite as well as many of us at the club expected, but that hasn’t deterred him at all.

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