Nottingham Rapidplay 2020

The NRP was held at the high school as usual and, for the 5th year running, attracted just over 120 players. Considering that just a month ago we were not even sure it would go ahead, the fact it did take place and ran so smoothly says a lot about the hard work from John Swain, Simon Scott and Steve Burke these past few weeks. John and Simon were ably assisted on the day by Marcel Taylor & Neil Graham, with Chris Budd working hard as usual on the refreshments stall.

7 Gambiteers took part, and we have another name to add to the roll of honour on the club info page. Graham won his last four games to emerge joint winner in the Intermediate section on 5/6. Mick & Maggie both scored 1.5 points from 4 rounds. John Huthwaite scored 1/3 in the Major before having to withdraw.

Florian, Pete M & Drag didn’t trouble the leaders in the Open section (Mark Hebden won – see the ‘Chess Results Eng’ website for detailed results of all 5 sections). Florian was very unlucky in round 4 when, on 1,5 points, he found himself up against a 223 graded player! He recovered from this to draw in round 6 and finished on 2/6.

Pete (b) and Drag (w) met in round 4. Drag had developed a useful position with an advanced d pawn but then threw away a rook, only for Pete to blunder a knight which allowed Drag to scarper to the ‘a1’ corner with his white squared bishop to secure a book draw against Pete’s rook. Pete finished on 2.5 points and Drag on just 1.5. Drag also won a game when losing and lost two games when winning comfortably. Funnily enough, in the Sunday broadsheet he bought later, the chess article began by remarking how frustrating it is to fail to win after playing a good game. Too true!

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