Lower Team Curse Strikes Again

Two seasons ago Gambit 3 defeated Gambit 2 twice in division 2. After a brief trip to division 1 last season, where they defeated Gambit 1 in their first match, Gambit 2 returned to division 2 only to be beaten yet again by the third team. Mike Naylor was unable to fend off Hamzah Ali’s attack and John Tassi succumbed to Peter Gorecka-Marshall’s pressure. Richard Edwards demolished John Huthwaite’s position and Graeme Jennings played very well to win a K+6 v K+N+4 position, leaving the match score at 2-2. On board 3 the two captains faced off against each other. Drag Sudar had a comfortably drawn position against Gary Hopkinson who had played well to equalise from a slightly worse position but, with the other games being unclear, Drag felt he had to try for a win. However in time trouble he lost a pawn and, when just about to regain the pawn, his flag fell.

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