Lightning and Random Openings Swizzles

Ray Evans won the Lightning Swizzle (10 secs per move) on 28 June. Scores (out of 5):

5: Ray Evans
4: Mike Barnes
3: Brian Hayward
2.5: Richard Edwards, Derek Padvis
2: Mike Naylor, John Huthwaite, Keith Roper, Gary Hopkinson
0: Geoff Smith

Mike Naylor stormed to victory in the Random Openings Time Handicap Swizzle on 12 July. In round 3 he neatly frustrated Mike Barnes’ attempts to find a win and eventually Barnesy lost on time. Scores (out of 5):

5: Mike Naylor
4: Mike Barnes
3: Brian Hayward
2: Derek Padvis, Keith Roper, Onos Kofi-Ofuafor
1: John Huthwaite, Gary Hopkinson

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