League Weeks 21 & 22

Two wins, two defeats and a draw.

Our 2nd team beat Grantham 2 4.5 – 0.5. There were two k-side mating attacks by John S & Drag over Chris Holt & Ben Mason. Steve and Onos outplayed Chris Hill & Grenville Wollerton. Mike N had a comfortable draw with Francis Bowers.

Our 5th won 4-0 by default over EMCA 2 – again. The LMC had overturned the win by default earlier this season only for EMCA 2 to fail to turn up for the rearranged match.

Our 3rd team drew with Ashfield 2. There were good wins by John H & Peter GM over David Levens & Bob Taylor, cancelled out by losses by Onos & Gary to Jerry Herrington & Nigel Wright. Keith drew with Phil Morgan who wrote on the Ashfield site “Keith outplayed me in a rook ending and deserved to win. I was saved by guillotine time control. He was on the brink of victory, but with 30 seconds left accepted my timely draw offer”.
If our 3rd team had used increments Keith & the team would probably have won.

Our 1st team lost 4 – 1 at Grantham 1. Tom could not defend his R+B v Q ending against Chris Dorrington. Mike N was outplayed by Steve Prior. John S drew with Stuart Williams. Mike B was unable to convert his 2 pawn advantage over Nigel Birtwistle. Pete M “took one for the team” by trying to win against Paul Cumbers from an equal position but lost.

Our 4th team missed out on a draw v Central 1, losing 3.5 – 1.5. The top three boards were draw by John T, Derek & Graham against Mark Radford, Andy Sutton & Oliver Alderton. Mick H fell to a simple trick by Mick Frings who took his f3 knight and then played Qh2# supported by a bishop. Maggie played well to go a whole rook up but then it went horribly wrong as she lost a knight and then an exchange and finally allowed Lucas Kacprzak to create two k-side passed pawns.

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