Gambit 4’s fate sealed by Uni 2 – or is it?

Last week, Gambit 4 appeared doomed but then Uni 2 defaulted to Long Eaton and the division 3 table shows they have been penalised 2points. This has given Gambit 4 a lifeline and their 5-0 victory over Mansfield 2 is highly significant as Gambit 4 now have a better game points difference than Uni 2. If Uni 2 fail to beat Nomads 1 on Tuesday 15th, Gambit will be able to overtake them by beating Ashfield 3 in their final match on the 22nd.

It’s been a tough season for Gambit 4, mainly because division 3 is unusually strong this season with the likes of Long Eaton & Central 1 (both strong enough to challenge for promotion from division 2, never mind division 3), Nomads 1 and Newark 2. Another factor was the unavailability through work of their inspirational captain Andrew Thompson for half of the matches. If Gambit 4 do get relegated they will be favourites to gain promotion from division 4 next season.

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