Gambit 2 v Newark 1 shock result.

Gambit 2 had a massive win last night, defeating Newark 1 4-1.
Mike Naylor (161), out graded by 26 points, worked hard to gain a deserved draw with Alex Combie (187) and even missed a win near the end, with both players in time trouble. Drag Sudar (153), out graded by 25 points, found a checkmate combination after Andy George (178) had missed an opportunity to force a draw in a complicated endgame. Richard Edwards (157) missed a trick by Richard Myers (143), going down an exchange for 2 pawns, but held on for a draw.
Graeme Jennings (151) converted his early advantage over Graham Ladds (160).
John Tassi (142) witheld an attack from Ian Burridge (139) before launching a counter attack that Ian could not defend.
Newark 1 and WB 1 were expected to coast to promotion, being by far the two strongest graded teams after coming down from division 1, but this result not only keeps Gambit 2 in the hunt, it also opens the door for the ‘super kids’ West Notts 3 team.

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