Gambit 2 fall at last hurdle

Gambit 2 played their final match of the season against relegation rivals WB 1, knowing that a draw would keep them up, regardless of the pending LMC decision. WB 1 finally got their act together and brought a strong team. Things began well when Steve Hunter won an exchange against Ross Murphy but then he allowed an attack and his position collapsed. Onos was outplayed by Shabir Okhai. Graeme Jennings played an uncharacteristically poor opening which Richard Truman punished. Mike played nicely against Robert Richmond until he allowed a bishop to get trapped. Drag, after a poor start, recovered to have the best side of a draw versus Robert Taylor (Syston’s, not Ashfield’s), but after missing a mate in one he over pressed and Robert defended well even when short of time and Drag eventually lost. Although it was always going to be a difficult match, nobody expected a 5-0 thrashing.

This result means that Gambit 2 will be relegated unless the LMC remains consistent with decisions already made this season, and rules that Dong was ineligible for Ashfield 1 v Gambit 2. If the LMC rules otherwise, Gambit will eagerly await the LMC’s detailed explanation.

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