Derek Padvis Wins The Notts U140 Best Game Prize

Derek Padvis won this year’s U140 best game prize with the following short game:

1 c4       g6
2 g3      Bg7
3 Nc3    c6
4 Bg2    d6
5 e4      Nd7
6 Nge2 Ne5
7 d3      Bg4
8 f4       Nf3+
9 Kf2    Qb6+
10 Be3 Bd4?


Derek v Bonello

11 Nxd4     Nxd4
12 Qxg4??
(12 Qd2 and white is better, but the natural looking text move hands the game to black)
12….          Qxb2+
13 Ne2      Nf6!
14 Bxd4    Nxg4+
15 Kf3       Qc2
16 Bxh8    Qxd3+
17 Kxg4    Qxe2+
18 Kh3      Qh5++

A nice finish by Derek.

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