Congratulations to Mansfield 1 and Ashfield 1

Congratulations to Mansfield 1 for winning the 1st division title.

Also, congratulations to Ashfield 1 who beat WN 1 yesterday to finish 6th in division 1.

Our 2nd team missed numerous chances to convert some of our 8 (!) 3-2 losses into draws or wins and paid the price by ending up 7th. It’s not all bad news as we’ll be replaced by our X team who won division 2.

The only matters that are still outstanding for the club are whether our 3rd team will be able to clinch the 3rd division title in their final match and what the final score of the WB 4 v Gambit 4 match is. Our 4th team are guaranteed a draw and the 4th division title, but the result of one board is in dispute as both players are claiming a win on time.

With option 03 on the DGT2010 clock, which was used in this match (i.e. no increments), the first player to reach 00:00 gets a blinking black flag on their clock which remains there even if the other player’s clock reaches 00:00, so it’s impossible not to know who lost on time, so I’m struggling to understand how the above situation could have occurred.

Had the players used increments (option 18), when one player’s clock reached 00:00, not only would the blinking black flag have shown on their clock but the other clock would not have counted down any further, which makes it even more impossible (if that is possible) to not know who lost on time.

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