Central Player Saves Gambit 1 From Defeat

Gambit 1’s substitute captain, Drag, almost caused Gambit 1 to lose their first match of the season on Monday, away to West Nottingham 1. On Sunday afternoon he arranged to pick up Mike Barnes on route unless Mike informed him otherwise. On Monday afternoon he read an email from Mike saying he would make his own way. He didn’t notice the email had been sent on Sunday morning, before his conversation with Mike, and he didn’t think to ring Mike just to confirm matters. Not clever.

After picking up two other players and former member Graham Gibson (now playing for Central and coming along as a spectator), Drag drove straight past the agreed meeting point. Fortunately Graham saved the day by spotting Mike, who went on to beat Alex Posazhennikov and draw the match for Gambit 1. Of course, Drag can laugh about it now…

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