Appendix G.6 – The “2 Minute Rule”

A warning to all players. Make sure you understand how to claim a draw under appendix G.6, better known as the “2 minute rule”. It’s easy to forget as it happens so rarely.

A Gambiteer (who shall remain nameless to spare his blushes) tried to claim a draw under the “2 minute rule” as, in his opinion, his opponent could not win their endgame by normal means. Unfortunately he kept playing and lost on time, probably thinking the claim was still valid.

If you wish to claim a draw under appendix G.6 in a league match:
a) First offer a draw.
b) If your opponent declines the offer, then, after he has completed his move (i.e. moved and pressed his clock), inform your opponent you are making the claim and stop the clock.
c) Write down the position and do not make any more moves. Ensure your opponent verifies the position you have written down. The game has now ended.
d) Ask your captain to submit the claim to the league secretary, who will send it to an arbiter.

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