‘Alternative Chess’ Eve

Last week we held our 2nd ‘alternative chess’ Swiss. The rounds included ‘knights are bishops & vice versa’, ‘moving towards yourself’, ‘NRQBBKRN’ starting position and ‘each pawn’s 1st move must be two squares’.

As usual, the ‘N for B’ round was very funny, causing great confusion, but the ‘pawn’s 1st move must be 2 squares’ round proved to be the most interesting, seeing how players coped with not being able to take on the 3rd rank with their pawns or, in Mike Naylor’s case, completely failing to cope, losing first his queen and then his rook on g6, accompanied by a few after-the-watershed words, much to everyone else’s amusement.

Club champion Graeme Jennings, ironically one of the club’s more classical players, emerged as the winner on 4.5/5.

4.5 Graeme Jennings
3.5 Michael Barnes, Ray Evans
3    John Huthwaite
2.5 Brian Hayward, Onos Kofi-Ofuafor
2    Rob Ensor
1.5 Michael Naylor
1    Keith Roper, Derek Padvis

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