5 Points From 3 Matches v Uni

3 of our teams faced Uni teams recently, winning two matches and drawing the other.

Our 1st team scraped past Uni 1 3-2. There was a well played win by Mike N v Jonathan Finn and John S continued his good form by beating Stanislav Huseletov. A surprising loss by the usually solid Graeme to Ewan Fewell gave Uni 1 hope, but draws by Mike B & Pete M against Michael Maciejewski & Tharshan Kuhendiran ensured victory for us.

Our 4th team were also away, at Uni 2, and came away with a draw. Derek & Graham beat Vishu Ketheeswaran & Ashrit Chohan respectively, and John T drew with Tom Dabner. Mick ‘n’ Mags lost to Kaushik Kuralla & Marcos Lopez Lema.

Leaving the best till last, our 2nd team performed magnificently to beat a much stronger Uni 1 team 4-1, a score that flattered them as it should have been 5-0. First to finish was Drag who, thinking his position was looking dodgy, decided to attack and found himself threatening mate against Michael Maciejewski. Although Michael defended the first threat he fell for Drag’s offer of a rook which allowed Drag to play a cheeky little checkmate. Soon after, Jose converted his exchange advantage into a clearly won R & pawns endgame. Jose has settled into the club very nicely indeed. This was soon followed by a very nice win by Florian who played very solidly and then punished an error by Dave Redman. Steve managed to fend off Charlie Grainger’s attack but then missed a winning chance and drew. John S had played very nicely v Tarun Malhotra, 31 points higher than John. Tarun had a rolling ‘a’ pawn which forced John’s king away from his 3 kingside pawns allowing Tarun to draw. Later, after some analysis, we did find a win for John but few people would have found the move with under two minutes left on the clock.

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