2018-19 Half Season Summary

We’ve now completed our pre-Christmas fixtures and after last season’s successes things are proving more difficult this season, as expected.

Our 1st team beat Grantham 2 4-1 to go 3rd in the table. There were wins from Tom & Mike N over Peter Cusick & Ben Mason respectively while Pete M won by default after Francis Bowers got caught up in traffic. Mike B lost to Paul Cumbers and Drag got away with an extremely lucky draw with Grenville Wollerton after he should have been lost after about 10 moves.

Our 2nd team lost 3.5 – 1.5 to Grantham 1 and are bottom of div 1. Onos lost an exchange to Andy Hebert. Mike N was a piece for 3 pawns up and drew with Francis Bowers. Graeme was arguably better against Nigel Birtwistle but made a mistake and lost. John S went a pawn down to Paul Cumbers who then dropped a bishop for a couple of pawns and a draw was agreed. DragĀ  drew with Chris Dorrington after missing a win. The last time Chris gave up a draw to a similar strength player was 2011.

Our 3rd team won 3 – 2 at Long Eaton and are mid way up div 2. There were wins for Brian & Gary over Alex Bentley & Wallace Bryce. John H & Peter GM drew with Dave Williams & Sam Clayton. Keith lost to Andy Robins.

The 4th team lost 3-2 for the 4th time, this time at Nomads 2, and lie bottom of div 3. Gary & Derek beat Graham Neil & Mike Swanwick but John T, Peter GM & Graham lost to Will Eyre, Dave Griffiths & Paul Rees.

The 5th team beat WB 4 2.5 – 1.5 to share top spot in div 5. Mick H & Ken beat Bob Abrahart & Paul Carroll and Maggie drew with Finley Carroll, while Ronnie lost to Rafael Murray.

Here is a list of the best individual results so far this season:

Keith 136 beat Tim Walker 189 (53 points diff)
Drag 163 drew with Chris Dorrington 222 (59 points diff)
John 164 drew with Paul Cumbers 199 (35 points diff)
Graeme 170 drew with Jon Tait 203 (33 points diff) & Mike Barnes 200 (30 points diff)
Brian 140 drew with Brian Thompson 174 (34 points diff), Jonathan Finn 166 (26 points diff) & Dave Flynn 159 (19 points diff)
Steve 167 drew with Shabir Okhai & Jim Burnett, both 192 (25 points diff)
Mike 200 drew with Jonah Willow 218 (18 points diff)

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