2016-17 NCC

This season’s county championship was held at the high school on 19/20 Nov with a very good turnout of approximately 50 players, including 9 from Gambit.

The last round was unfortunately affected by Keith Roper’s illness, resulting in several quick draws as people understandably didn’t feel up to continuing their games. Keith was taken home, only to be scolded by his wife. He was feeling better the following day.

West Nottingham’s Jonah Willow is the new county champion, a title he’ll no doubt win many times. He did it the hard way by playing the 2nd, 4th, 5th & 6th seeds, beating Pete Mercs in round 3 and drawing with Mike Naylor in the final round. Central’s Mark Radford won the U155 title and Dominic Heining won the U125 title. Mick Harper won a prize for the best score by a senior in any section.

Final scores out of 5 unless stated:

Open: Pete Mercs, Mike Naylor & Drag Sudar scored 3 points.
U155: John Huthwaite 3, Charlie Grainger 1.5/4, Keith Roper 0.5/4
U125: Mick Harper 3.5, Maggie Gretton 3, Ronnie Watson 1.

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