2015 Club Championship

Michael Barnes is the new club champion. He won all 6 games, narrowly beating both Peter Mercs and John Swain. A total of 21 members took part over the two weeks (3 rounds each week, 25 minutes per player +/- a time handicap based on the difference in grades). Although we used a time handicap there were only two real ‘upsets’: Derek Padvis beating Richard Edwards and Ronnie Watson beating Mike Naylor. Only 3 of the 54 games were drawn. Final scores (out of 6):

6: Michael Barnes
5: John Swain
4.5: Brian Hayward
4: Peter Mercs
3.5: Onos Kofi-Ofuafor, Peter Gorecka-Marshall, Graeme Jennings*, Derek Padvis*
3: Gary Hopkinson, John Huthwaite, Steve Hunter, Keith Roper
2.5: Alan Groves, Richard Edwards, Rob Ensor*, Margaret Gretton*
2: Ronnie Watson
1.5: Mick Harper, Mike Naylor*, Andrew Thompson*
1: Ken Heath
* only able to play on one of the two weeks so received 3 half-point byes for the other week.

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