2014-15 Pre-Christmas Swiss

Hamzah Ali stormed to victory in our pre-Christmas 10 min pp time handicap winning all 5 games, beating defending champion John Huthwaite along the way. Drag Sudar recovered from a loss in round two to finish 2nd on 4 points and third place was shared by Peter Gorecka-Marshall and Alan Groves on 3.5 points. Full Scores:

5: Hamzah Ali
4: Drag Sudar
3.5: Peter Gorecka-Marshall, Alan Groves
3: Derek Padvis, John Huthwaite, Mike Naylor, Ronnie Watson
2: Gerrard O’Hanlon, Ken Heath, Gary Hopkinson
1.5: Rob Ensor, Richard Edwards
1: Keith Roper, Geoff Smith, Andy Hunt

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