2014-15 Half Term Report

With the league taking its traditional 4 week break over the Christmas period, let’s have a look at how our teams are doing.

Division 1:
Gambit 1, with just 6 points from 6 matches, have had a relatively disappointing season so far. The title has almost already been won by Grantham 1 who have won all 6 matches so far and have an incredibly strong squad that includes 4 players graded 200 or above and 3 more players in the 180s. Therefore Gambit 1’s main concern is to stay away from the relegation battle which they should do relatively comfortably, and with a strong 2nd half they could still come 2nd.

Division 2:
Both Gambit 2 (9 points from 7 matches) and Gambit 3 (7 from 6) are well placed to challenge for promotion with only Ashfield 2 (10 from 7) above them. Grantham 2 would be on 11 from 7 if they win their two matches in hand but one of them is against Gambit 3 so it looks as if this could be a very exciting 4-way battle for promotion.

Division 3:
On paper Gambit 4 are the 2nd lowest graded team so they are doing very well to lie 3rd with 6 points from 6 matches, including a fantastic win at Nomads 1 when outgraded by an average of 8 points per board. This is the best giant killing performance by any team in the league this season so far. The promotion battle is almost already over with RB 1 and WN 3  6 points clear at the top of the table but it looks like there will be an almighty relegation battle between 6 teams with only 2 points between 3rd placed Gambit 4 and bottom placed Nomads 2.

Division 4:
No Gambit teams, but maybe next season:

Division 5:
Something extraordinary is happening: Gambit 5 are unbeaten and two points clear at the top of the table with 10 points from 6 matches. The last time Gambit 5 finished higher than 4th was in 2006-07 so it’ll be very interesting to see if they can maintain their form in the 2nd half of the season.

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