1st Team Edge Past 2nd

Our 1st team beat our 2nd team 3-2 last night, a much narrower result than expected as the 1st team were at full strength and far stronger than the 2nd team who were without John Swain and Onos Kofi-Ofuafor.

Mike Barnes punished a reasonable looking move in the opening by Drag Sudar. On board 2 neither Peter Mercs nor Jose Vieira – making his debut for the club – managed to gain an advantage and they eventually drew; a very good start for Jose. Mike Naylor played a sacrifice but Steve Hunter defended well, posing several questions himself, and a draw was a fair result in this exciting tactical battle. On board 4 Graeme Jennings used his superior technique to out manoeuvre Peter Gorecka-Marshall who, to his credit, chose an attacking opening. Florian Biermann played in his usual attacking style but Brian Hayward defended carefully and eventually Florian’s attack petered out and then he allowed Brian to win material and the game; a great result for Brian against a much higher graded player.

On paper it should have been about 4-1 or more so this was a good morale booster for the 2nd team in what will be their 4th consecutive challenging season in division 1, while the 1st team don’t look like either challenging for the title or being anywhere near relegation.

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