Who would have won the Notts Trophy?

Several years ago Mansfield cc suggested the NCA award a trophy for the highest placed Nottinghamshire based team in the league, due to Grantham’s dominance.

Had this trophy existed, who would have won it? It depends on which method of assessment is used. If it’s the team that finished 2nd in div 1 the winners would have been:
2009-10 Uni 1,  2010-11 WB 1,  2011-12 WB 1,  2012-13 Gam 1,
2013-14 Ash 1,  2014-15 Man 1,  2015-16 Gam 1, 2016-17 Man 1

Gambit 1, Mansfield 1 and WB 1 would each have won twice, with University 1 winning once and Ashfield 1 finally winning a trophy since their one and only league title in 1989.

The 2nd method is to ignore all the results against teams not based in Nottinghamshire:
2009-10 Uni 1,  2010-11 Gam 1,  2011-12 WB 1, 2012-13 Gam 1,
2013-14 Gam 1,  2014-15 Man 1,  2015-16  Gam 1,  2016-17  Man 1

Gambit 1 would have won 4 times, Mansfield 1 twice and WB 1 & Uni 1 once each.

This season, the challenge for the ‘Notts Trophy’ could be very competitive between Mansfield 1, Gambit 1 and WN 1. The relegation battle appears more clear cut with Newark 1 and Gambit 2 considerably weaker by grade to the other teams, although Ashfield 1 could also struggle as they might be without a couple of key players.

There’s hardly any point in playing the matches in division 2; might as well award the title to Grantham 2 now (they finished 5th in div 1 last season). Long Eaton look best placed for 2nd place. Ashfield 3 will finish last but it’s anyone’s guess who will join them.

Division 3 looks far more interesting. Central 1 would be firm favourites if all their strong players turn out regularly this season. If they don’t, then Gambit 3 should be favourites but could face a strong challenge from Grantham 3, RB 1 and possibly WN 2.

Gambit 4 should win division 4; hard to see any challengers, possibly WN 3.

Beeston should walk division 5. Normally they would have been placed in a higher division but at the time of entering the league they could not guarantee having 5 players available for matches. Hopefully, as the season progresses, they will attract new members. We wish them well in their efforts to establish a new club in what should be a good area to attract new members.

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