Weeks 10 and 11 – Gambit 1 – 4 Others

Not a great two weeks.

Our 5th team was the only one to win as their 3-1 win over Central 3 took them to the top of division 5 with wins by Maggie, Ronnie and Ken, with only Mick losing.

A weakened 1st team lost 3.5 – 1.5 at Newark 1. Mike B, Florian and Pete M (who tried to win to get a draw for the team) lost to Murray Smith, Andy George and Alex Combie. The subs did better as John S drew with Zoltan Tardi and Drag beat Ian Burridge.

The 2nd team lost 3 – 2 to WN 1 in a crucial relegation battle. John S had an uneventful draw with Ross Murphy. Steve played well to draw with Shabir Okhai. Drag’s draw offer was accepted by Antony Clare who couldn’t lose. Onos was in a K+4 each ending with Simon Scott and settled for a draw. There was a win with best play but it was not easy to find. Graeme lost to Jonah Willow who played a bishop for 2 pawn sacrifice to open up the position.

The 3rd team were battered by University 1. John Huthwaite was comfortably beaten by Michael Maciejewski. Keith had a B+1 v 4 ending and could not prevent S Guseltov promoting. Peter GM allowed Nikola Baltov to storm down the e-file and walked into a mate. Gary’s k-side attack was repelled by Bernado Pincheira and then his centre collapsed. Brian prevented the whitewash with a solid draw against Jonathan Finn.

The 4th team lost 3.5 – 1.5 at Grantham 3. Mick H beat John Pocock. Derek had a solid draw with Grenville Wollerton. Maggie was smashed by newcomer G. Johnson. Graham reached a B+3 ‘book draw’ but allowed Alan Nelder to promote a pawn. Onos, trying to win in an equal position, was caught out on the k-side by Richard Chillcott and lost.

Let’s hope for better fortune next week.

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