Week 12 – Double Trouble

Our 1st team threw away a win against Ashfield 1. Unlike the Newark 1 match, where the subs gained 1.5 points, this time it was the two subs who failed to convert their advantages. Drag won a pawn in the opening against David Levens but later dropped a piece and lost. Steve won an exchange v Jerry Herrington, gave it back to create a passed pawn, but, in trying to win, dropped a piece and lost. By now Mike B had drawn with John Molyneux and Mike N had lost to Glenn Halfpenny. Pete M did convert his advantage and beat Steve Burke but the final result was 1.5 – 3.5.

Our 3rd team also lost 1.5 – 3.5, to Nomads 1. Gary launched a k-side push but it simply weakened his king’s defence which David Griffiths exploited. Keith ended up in a 2R+3 ending but could not prevent John Harrison promoting a pawn. The other three games, John H, Brian & Peter GM v Shane Bhayat, Dave Flynn & Maurice Hill, were drawn.

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