Ups and Downs?

As we move into the final two months of the 2014-15 season all our teams are still involved in promotion or relegation battles, in one team’s case both at the same time!

We’ll start with this season’s surprise package, Gambit 5, who are unbeaten and top of division 5 with 16 points from 10 matches, having won 6 and drawn 4. If they beat WN 5 on Tuesday they cannot finish lower than 2nd as 2nd placed WB 6 and 3rd placed Uni 3 have to play each other meaning only one of them would be able to catch Gambit 5.

Gambit 2 are in a 3-way battle for promotion in division 2 with Ashfield 2 and Grantham 2. It’s possible that the battle could be decided by the Grantham 2 v Gambit 2 and Ashfield 2 v Grantham 2 matches. This one is likely to go to the final week of the season.

Also in division 2 are Gambit 3 who are in 4th place yet only two points above 7th. Although it’s mathematically possible for them to go down if they lose their remaining three matches their fate is in their own hands as two matches are against teams below them and they will almost certainly end up exactly where they are now, in 4th place.

Gambit 4 have had a remarkable season and currently lie 3rd in division 3. They have an outside chance of promotion if they win their remaining 3 matches but would have to beat already promoted RB 1 and rely on 2nd placed WN 3 to lose their remaining 3 matches. They also can still get relegated as although they are 3rd, they are only 2 points above 7th. It’s likely that they will finish safely in mid table.

Yet all the talk at the club is whether Gambit 1, who have been in division 1 for 45 years (!), will get relegated. They are just one point above 7th place and have picked just 2 points from their last 5 matches but 2 more points should ensure safety, or alternatively they will have to rely on other results.

I suppose you could say this gives Gambit 2 an added incentive to try to get promoted, in case Gambit 1 come down. However, if this happens, which group of players would play in division 1 next season?

It’s certainly going to be an exciting end to this season, and possibly a very interesting club AGM.

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