Steve Hunter wins Nottingham Major

Steve Hunter won the major section of the Nottingham Congress for the second time, having previously won it in 2012. Going into the final round he was a full point clear and needed a draw to win outright, which he achieved, but it looked tricky for a bit.

Pete Mercs won a 5th share of the U185 grading prize after a very interesting and hard fought last round draw v a 194.

9 Gambiteers took part (and John Swain was one of the arbiters). Scores:

Open: Pete Mercs 3, Charlie Grainger 1.5, Mike Naylor 1
Major: Steve Hunter 4.5, Drag Sudar 3, John Huthwaite & Peter Gorecka-Marshall 1.5
Inter: Mick Harper 1.5
Minor: Maggie Gretton 2.5

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