Nottinghamshire County Championships

10 Gambiteers, a quarter of the total entry, played at the NCC last weekend.

In the championship section, Jiri and Mike B both scored 2.5 points but Jiri faced considerably stronger opponents with an average grade of 196 while Mike’s opponents’ average was only 179. Jiri beat Mike in round 1 and Florian in round 4. Peter M and Florian both scored 2 points.

In the U155 section Drag scored 3 points after throwing away a won game in the final round against eventual winner Jonathan Finn. John H scored 2.5 and Graham got 1.5

In the U125 section, Mick H scored 3 points, beating Ronnie in round 4. Ronnie got 1.5 points and drew with Maggie who also scored 1.5 points.

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