No Weeping Willows at Pre-Season Time Handicap

Jonah & Hambel Willow showed the Gambiteers how to play by coming 1st and joint 3rd respectively in Gambit’s annual pre-season time handicap (10 mins pp +/- time based on grade diffs).

Although Jonah was mostly drawn against relatively low graded opponents, it meant he had only 4 mins against his opponents’ 16 mins in 3 games and he had 5 mins & 6 mins against two others. He made no mistakes and also had a nice win over Mike Barnes in round 5 on his way to the 1st prize with a perfect 6/6 score.

Hambel had an excellent tournament as she beat John Swain & Mike Naylor and drew with Pete Mercs, scoring 4 points to finish joint 3rd.

The other prize winners were Oliver Graham in 2nd place on 4.5 points, Pete Mercs joint 3rd on 4 points, and John Huthwaite also joint third after beating Mike Barnes & Mike Naylor and drawing with Oliver Graham, losing only to Jonah in the final round.

There were some other ‘giant killings’. Derek Padvis beat Graeme Jennings & Onos Kofi-Ofuafor. Mike Naylor beat Pete Mercs. John Swain, in a very generous mood, handed out full points to Mick Harper, Aiden Mosley and Hambel.

16 club members and 4 guests took part (plus Drag controlling), an excellent turnout.

Final scores:
6.0 J Willow
4.5 O Graham
4.0 J Huthwaite, P Mercs, H Willow
3.5 M Barnes, B Hayward, G Jennings
3.0 M Harper, G Hopkinson, D Padvis, K Roper
2.5 M Gretton, O Kofi-Ofuafor, M Naylor
2.0 A Mosley, J Swain
1.5 M Radford
1.0 G Gibson, P Gorecka-Marshall

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