Mercsy Magic At Doncaster

Pete Mercs (185) came joint 1st on 4/5 in the Doncaster Open. In the final round he and his opponent were the only two on 3.5 points; both were due white and both had the same grade, so a coin was tossed to determine colours and his opponent got white. Nevertheless Pete was still able to secure the draw he needed to share 1st place with 3 others.

In the Major (u171) Drag Sudar (148) was outright leader after 3 rounds, not bad for a player halfway down the 2nd column on the player list, but with two blacks on Sunday he couldn’t maintain his form and ended on 3. Andrew Thompson (127) played well to score 2.5 in the Intermediate (u146) and Mick Harper (122) scored 3.5 in the Minor (u126).

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