LMC’s illogical decision relegates Gambit 2

After several weeks of delay, the LMC has rejected Gambit’s appeal and will not penalise Ashfield 1 for using Dong against Gambit 2 when he had neither an August grade nor an assigned temporary grade (he did have a January grade but that doesn’t count according to both rule C7 and the instructions issued to clubs last September by the records secretary).

The LMC has mishandled this case at every stage from start to end. For example, there was never a proper face to face meeting between the 5 members who could vote (the other 4 couldn’t vote as the matter directly involved their clubs), therefore not all of them got a chance to hear directly from the records secretary how and why rule C7 had been administered throughout the season, and so they could not possibly have made a fully informed decision.

So Gambit 2 have joined the 3rd and 4th teams in being relegated this season.
On the bright side we’ll be competing for 3 clocks next season!

Meanwhile, after week 1 of the club championship, Peter Mercs leads the other 15 competitors with a perfect 3/3, closely followed by Mike Barnes & Peter Gorecka-Marshall on 2.5 points, and with 4 players on 2 points. Peter played really well to take a draw off Mike in round 1 and then exploited a bad move by Drag to beat him in round 3.

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