January 2020 Summary

Our 1st team won both their matches, v Gambit 2 & WN 1 to keep up their title challenge against Grantham 1 who lead by a point. Our 2nd team beat WN 1 to move above Mansfield and 3 points ahead of Ashfield 1. Their next two matches, v Uni 1 & Ashfield 1, could determine their fate. In division 3, our 3rd team’s promotion push has taken a huge hit with two defeats, to Beeston and RB 1. They are now 5 points adrift of leaders WB 2, 3 points behind Beeston and behind RB 1 on board difference (aka goal difference). Our 4th team continue to lead division 4 after a default win over Nomads 3 and a good win at RB 2. They are 2 points above WN 3 and 4 above RB 3. Our 5th team drew with RB 3 to stay ahead of them in 2nd place on board difference, 2 points behind leaders Ash 4 in div 5.

The new grades have been published. The biggest increase is by Florian who has jumped 11 points to 181. John S is up 7 to 174, Mike B up 6 to 198 and Keith, up 5 to 142. Those who have gone down include Peter GM who has fallen by 5 points to 137, John Tassi who is down 6 to 124, Mick H down by 8 to 113 and Peter M, also down 8 points to 177.

Finally, a quick mention for very nice win for our 1st team captain, Mike N 167, who defeated WN’s Shabir Okhai 203 in a Leicester League match between Mike’s team, Shepshed 1 and Shabir’s team, Syston 1.

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