Grantham 2 3-2 Gambit 2

Gambit 2 threw away the chance to at least draw, and possibly win at Grantham 2, who unsurprisingly brought in a 185 for only his 4th appearance of the season for Grantham 2.

Onos fought well against the aforementioned Jason Dilley, getting down to Q+7 each and it looked drawn, but obviously not as Dilley found a way to win it. Mike played very nicely against Peter Cusick and won an exchange, and then forced off Cusick’s final pawn, giving the exchange back in the process, to leave a won endgame. Tom won a couple of Chris Holt’s queen side pawns early and then withstood a mini counter attack on the king side to win. Drag had a totally drawn position against Andy Hebert and was trying to see if he could convert it to a win but then played the only move on the board that saw him lose a rook and pawn for a knight and the position was eventually lost. Brian had an equal looking game against Ben Mason but then it turned awkward for him as he was getting short on time. Ben made a really bad error in forking Brian’s King and knight with his knight, but Brian missed it and this allowed Ben to win a pawn leaving N+6 v N+4 with 3 queen side pawns rampaging down the board, and Brian lost on time.

Gambit 2’s final match of the season is at home to WB 1 who are a point behind them, for the moment anyway, as this could change if the LMC uphold Gambit 2’s appeal regarding the use of a clearly ineligible player by Ashfield 1 earlier in the season. All the evidence points to an extremely easy decision for the LMC but…

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