The second annual Gambit v Ashfield Summer Fun Challenge took place this week.

Due to work and other commitments Ashfield were without some of their higher graded players which left us much stronger on paper, especially when Tom arrived unexpectedly. Their team was supplemented by two Gambiteers and Mark Darlington. Both sides had 9 players in rounds 1 & 2, increasing to 10 players each after a couple of later arrivals. As last year, which ended in a very narrow 20.5 – 19.5 win for us, it was a 4 round Swiss with the time control being 10′ + 5″ increments. Ashfield fought well early on, narrowly losing rounds 1 & 2 to be 10.5 – 7.5 behind, but we eventually emerged 24.4 – 13.5 winners.

There were a few decent giant killings. Phil Morgan beat John Swain, David Levens beat Pete Mercs and Neil Graham beat Mike Naylor who also lost to Brian Hayward. Mike Barnes was the only player to win all 4 games last year and repeated that this time. Tom also won all 4 games while our new member Jose Vieira scored 3.5. Pete recovered from his 1st round loss to David to score 3 points, and John Huthwaite also got 3 points. Ashfield have promised us a much tougher battle next year.

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