Gambit 3’s double over Gambit 2

After beating the 2nd team in the 1st match of the season Gambit 3 did it again in the return match. In the 1st match John Tassi (G2) had thrown away a completely won game against John Huthwaite and this time it was Drag Sudar’s turn. Drag, a pawn up, had a Queen on e2 and a Bishop on f5. Hamzah Ali had a Queen on e7 with pawns on e6, f7, g7. Hamzah played g6 and Drag took the g6 pawn thinking f7 x g6 allowed him to play Qe2 x Qe7…  Yes, it makes no sense whatsoever…
Meanwhile Gary Hopkinson (G3) drew with Brian Hayward who was graded 20 points higher and Rob Ensor (G3) outplayed Marc Subira. Gambit 3 now have 9 points from 8 matches and have outside promotion prospects. Gambit 2 have 6 from 6 so still have 16 points to play for, but need to stop making stupid moves.

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