Gambit 2 stay ahead of favourites WB 1

Gambit 2 continued their unexpected challenge for promotion by following up the victory over Newark 1 with a fantastic draw against hot promotion favourites West Bridgford 1. Mike Naylor (161) fought bravely but was unable to hold off Robert Richmond (190). Drag Sudar (153) forced a draw v Will Place (171) in a worse position. Richard Edwards (157) beat Harry Croasdale (also 157). Graeme Jennings (151) played an excellent game from start to finish to draw v Richard Truman (173). John Tassi (142) fought back to drew with Hari Solominides (147) after going an exchange down. Gambit 2 were 15 grading points per board lower on average to WB 1 so this is a remarkable result.

By contrast, Gambit 3 have had a poor start to the season with just two points from 4 matches, and have not yet faced either Newark 1 or WB 1, so could find themselves in the bottom two come Christmas.

Gambit 1 have got off to an excellent start in division 1, winning all 3 matches and could be on 6 wins out of 6 when they meet hot favourites Grantham 1 in December.

Gambit 4 gained their 1st win this season on Tuesday, beating University 2, and have 3 points from 4 matches. They should finish comfortably mid table.

Newly promoted Gambit 5 started unexpectedly well in division 4 with a win over R&B 2 and a draw with Central 2 but lost their next two matches and will do very well to avoid a relegation battle.

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