Gambit 2 miss out on promotion

Last night Ashfield 2 won a tight battle with already promoted Grantham 2 to clinch 2nd place. In the final game of the evening, with Ashfield leading 2.5 – 1.5, Grantham’s Ivan David should have beaten Geoff Gibson but, running short of time, he allowed Geoff to swap off to a won endgame. Therefore Gambit 2 missed out by one point in an exciting 3 way battle. Congratulations to Grantham 2 and Ashfield 2.

Earlier this week Gambit 4 secured safety in division 3 by drawing at Newark 2.

Gambit 1 have one match left, against University 1, and need at least a draw to stay up in division 1 and send West Bridgford 1 down. University 1 can afford to lose 3-2 but any larger loss will send them down instead of West Bridgford 1.

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