Gambit 2 2.5 – 2.5 Gambit 1

Yet another unexpected twist in this exciting 1st division relegation battle. The 2nd team team managed to draw with the 1st team even without Graeme Jennings who has been on fire this season.

The club’s newest member Tom Adams was brought into the team for only his 2nd graded game this season, and he stunned everyone by beating draw specialist John Swain who was unbeaten this season and had lost just 1 from 13 games last season, an achievement made even more remarkable by the fact that Tom last played OTB graded chess in 2013-14.

Drag Sudar moved up from board 4 to board 3 as he felt Pete Mercs’ open style of play would suit him more than John’s closed style, and so it proved, albeit Drag was lucky in that Pete spent so much time early on that he didn’t have enough time to find the winning moves in a knight and pawn endgame, and Drag escaped with a very valuable draw.

John Tassi felt confident going up against Brian Hayward’s rather predictable opening and eventually he got behind Brian’s position and would probably have won anyway but Brian’s flag fell.

Meanwhile Mike Naylor gallantly resisted Ray Evan’s trickery but eventually lost to a tactic, while Onos could have won a pawn giving Mike Barnes attacking chances but in declining the ‘offer’ he found his position bombarded by an indefensible attack.

This result leaves Gambit 2, Ashfield 1 and Ashfield 2 on 5 points with WB 1 on 2 points.

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