Gambit 1 stun Grantham 1 to go top of division 1

Gambit 1 have scored a magnificent 3-2 victory over Grantham 1. On board 1 Peter Mercs, who was outgraded by 46 points, sensationally beat Chris Dorrington (grade 229). On boards 2 & 3, John Swain & Mark Cooke drew with their higher graded opponents, Paul Cumbers & Jason Dilley. Michael Barnes beat Nigel Birtwistle while Brian Hayward lost to Nick Payne. This victory leaves Gambit 1 top by a point going into the winter break and if they can keep their form going they could have a very exciting title deciding clash v Grantham 1 in their final match of the season.

Gambit 2 also have the prospect of having a division 2 promotion deciding clash in their final match of the season v WN 3, whom they trail on ‘goal difference’, after a fantastic first half of the season which included a draw against hot favourites WB 1 and a great win over Newark 1.

Gambit 3 also had a fantastic win over Newark 1 and have recovered after a poor start to the season to lie 4th with 6 points so they should be able to avoid being involved being dragged into a relegation battle, especially now that WN 2 have lost two regulars, John Collins & Rob Willoughby, to their 1st team.

Gambit 4 have found themselves in an unusually strong 3rd division with at three teams on paper strong enough to compete for promotion from division 2, never mind division 3. They currently lie 7th and it will be a challenge for them in the 2nd half of the season to stay up.

Gambit 5, after their superb promotion last season, were always going to find division 4 tough going, and things were made no easier for them with the introduction of Grantham 3. They sit 9th in the division and it would be almost miraculous for them to stay up.

There have been lots of excellent individual results and some of the more notable are:
Mercs (183) beating Dorrington (229)
Sudar (153) beating George (178)
Huthwaite (147) beating George (178)
Harper (120) beating David (152) and drawing with Ladds (160)
Watson (95) beating Bhayatt (147) and Bennett (132)
Seagrave (90) beating Hunter (121) and Bonnello (120)
Ali (159) beating Combie (187)
Ensor (125) beating Hill (151)
Gretton (102) beating Lewis (123)
Naylor (161) drawing with Combie (187)

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