Gambit 1 Fall To Gambit 2 In Season Opener.

Last season, newly promoted Gambit 3 beat Gambit 2 in the season’s opener in division 2, and this season’s division 1 opener saw newly promoted Gambit 2 victorious over a weakened Gambit 1 by a score of 3-2. Marc Subira beat Peter Mercs on time during a tough tactical battle. Graeme Jennings pounced on an error by Brian Hayward, won a piece, and cruised to victory. John Tassi tried to level things up by throwing away a won game against Keith Roper. However Drag Sudar defended grimly against John Swain who probably offered a draw slightly too early. Rob Ensor sacrificed an exchange to almost force a win but Hamzah returned the sacrifice to obtain a draw by perpetual check.

Meanwhile, Gambit 4, who only stayed up in division 3 because another team dropped out of the league, started this season with a fine win over Central 2, with Graham Gibson gaining a surprise draw against Alan Griffiths.

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