Flukes and Frustrations

The 1st team had a fortunate 3.5 – 1.5 win over the 2nd team in the first match of the new season. Tom Adams (Gam 1) was very lucky to beat Steve Hunter (Gam 2). Tom had played very passively and Steve had gradually improved his position before smashing through on the ‘f’ file, winning a piece. Tom, ever resourceful, played a couple of very dangerous moves and, in severe time trouble, Steve missed both the winning line and perpetual check, and played a move that allowed a mate in one. By this time Florian Biermann (Gam 1) had exploited Drag Sudar’s opening errors and won relatively comfortably even though he did get down to 13 seconds at one point; the 10″ increments helped him. The other 3 boards were drawn: Mike Naylor (Gam 1) and Onos Kofi-Ofuafor tip-toed around each other; John Huthwaite (Gam 1) and Brian Hayward fought out a complicated draw; Mike Barnes (Gam 1) agreed a draw in a marginally worse position against Graeme Jennings.

It was a frustrating evening for the 4th team as they lost 3-2 to RB 1 when John Tassi lost on time against Nick London in a opposite coloured bishops ending. Graham Gibson fought well against Marcel Taylor but eventually lost. Derek Padvis had a good draw with Ben Vaughan and Mick Harper won fairly quickly against Len Morrell. Maggie Gretton had to give up a knight after 8 moves to avoid checkmate but somehow managed to draw against Charlotte Attwood.

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