EOF February Summary

Our 1st team defeated Grantham 1 3-2 this week to keep up their slim chances of winning the title. They are behind Mansfield 1 on ‘goal difference’ and with only one match left, v Newark 1, while Mansfield 1 still have 3 matches left, v WB 1, Gambit 2 and Newark 1, so it will require a massive collapse by Mansfield 1 for Gambit 1 to win the title.

At the other end of the table, Ashfield 1 narrowly beat Newark 1 to close the gap to Gambit 2 to 3 points but as they still have WB 1 to play, the gap is effectively just one point. Both teams have to play WN 1 at home so this relegation battle might not be resolved until April.

Nomads 1 beat WB 2 to keep up their challenge to Gambit X in division 2. We need 2 more points to guarantee promotion, and 3 for the title, but if Nomads 1 fail to beat Ashfield 2 next week and if we beat WB 2 then it’ll be all over.

Our 3rd team made life difficult for themselves last week by being thrashed 4.5 – 0.5 by closest rivals Uni 2, with the ‘goal difference’ turning in Uni’s favour. However, they got back on track this week by thrashing Grantham 3 4.5 – 05, and are 4 points ahead of Uni 2 with two matches left compared to Uni’s three. Only WB 3 can now prevent one of these two teams being promoted by winning all their remaining 6 matches by large margins. At the time of writing the result of the WB 3 v Uni 2 match was unknown but if WB 3 have failed to beat Uni 2 then Gambit 3 will already be promoted.

Our 4th team and Next Gen Super Kids WN 3 won their respective matches last week and only Ashfield 4 can now prevent one of these teams from gaining promotion by winning their remaining 5 matches. Gambit 4 are a point ahead of WN 3 with a better ‘goal difference’ with both teams having 3 matches left so the battle for the title could go all the way, especially as WN 3’s final 3 matches look easier on paper.

Our 5th team lost to WB 5 this week but were already out of the promotion race as Beeston and Central 3 are too far ahead. They will be looking forward to their final match of the season at Central 3 when more pints might be sunk than moves made.

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