Double Defeat in Week 24

Both the 2nd and 4th teams lost narrowly this week.

The 2nd team lost 3-2 against Newark 1 who still have a mathematical chances of winning the title. Tom was doing fine against Murray Smith but allowed his knight to wander away from where it was needed and Murray punished him. Graeme played a good opening against Alex Combie and they agreed a draw with Alex probably gaining a small positional advantage but short of time. Steve and Zoltan played out a very drawish line in the French. Mike N quickly found himself in a bit of a mess v Andy George and was never able to equalise. Drag had a slight advantage out of the opening with Daniel Jazdzewski and won a pawn. Daniel, relying on the 10 second increments to prevent his flag falling, missed a move that would have drawn the game. This is the 6th time Gambit 2 have lost 3-2 this season so if we do go down I guess it might be a case of ‘if only….’.

The 4th team also lost 3-2, to their closest promotion rivals WN 3. John T played very nicely to go a piece up against Armaan Gogia and won. Peter GM built up a good attacking position v Ritika Maladkar but allowed her to counter attack and soon found himself in trouble, eventually losing a piece. Keith played one of his typically steady games and won Lavanya Maladkar’s pawn and later her rook. Mick H was doing fine v Vidura Mendis but then dropped a rook. Maggie started ok v Kim Enkh Mergen but then he built a ferocious attack with all sorts of threats and Maggie was forced to yield. A few years ago we saw the emergence of Taylor Pearson, Adi Munshi, Anita Somton and Jonah & Hambel Willow. Now we are seeing the emergence of the next generation of super kids thanks to the brilliant work done by everyone at WN. What is so refreshing about their play is their fearlessness and their ability to find really good tactics.

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