Darnall Rapidplay

Three Gambiteers entered the FIDE rated Darnall Rapidplay.

John Swain narrowly missed out on a prize after losing in the final round, leaving him joint 5th on 4/6 (Aditya Munshi & Anita Somton from WN were joint 2nd on 4.5/6).

Derek Padvis scored 2/6 in the Major, including 2 draws with two 1800+ players.

Drag Sudar also scored 2/6 in the Major after being on 2/2. In the final round his opponent played p-c8, pressed his clock, and replaced the pawn with a queen. Drag should have claimed the win because of the illegal move (you have to replace the pawn with another piece (Q, N, B or R) before ‘completing’ your move by pressing the clock), but didn’t bother. Had this occurred in an earlier round he would have done so.

In a separate game, a player moved his king to a square attacked by a pawn, took his hand off but, just before he pressed his clock, he noticed and and moved his king elsewhere before pressing his clock. This is allowed because the move is not ‘completed’ until the clock is pressed. As long as you spot the error before you press the clock you may correct it if you have a legal move with that piece.

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